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Custom Metal Handrail Services for Every Space

At Silver Fern Stainless Ltd, we understand that handrails are an essential safety feature for any residential or commercial space. We offer custom metal handrail services to deliver a unique blend of design, functionality, and safety. Our team of professionals can help you achieve a perfect look that aligns with your personal or business style.

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Steel Handrails

We specialize in customizing steel handrails with various finishes to suit the safety needs of every space.

Stainless Steel Handrails

ur stainless steel handrails offer unique durability, easy maintenance, and infinite design possibilities.

Aluminum Handrails

Our aluminum handrails are lightweight and perfect for spaces with specific needs, such as outdoor areas or high-humidity environments.

Metal Poles and Posts

We offer a range of metal poles and posts to complement handrails, including square, round, and rectangular options.

Custom Bends

We offer custom metal bends and curves for handrails to fit any design requirement.


Our balustrades offer additional safety and design elements to complement handrails. 

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We provide quality metal handrail services that suit every budget and style. Contact us today to create your safe and beautiful space.

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